Serving Our Community

Taking Care of Our Neighbors


Our customers are also our neighbors. We are a locally owned and operated. A Texas certified ‘HUB’. As our customer you will be dealing with the main office right here in Fort Worth. We are proud to be female owned and operated. We are proud to be a local company with deep roots right here in Fort Worth. We understand the Texas way of doing business. We will treat you in a professional manor with that home town touch. Our customers include Dealerships, Doctor offices, Lawyer offices, retail stores, state of Texas buildings, Property management companies, and real estate companies.

Horse Walkers

Over the years we have came across some very unique service industries. One of them that we have really enjoyed is repairing horse walkers. They are a piece of equipment used in the equine industry to walk horses. They can range from small to very large systems. We have traveled around the state of Texas working repairing them. We have moved horse walkers from one ranch to another. We have done structure repair and mechanical repairs. If you have a horse walker in need of service please contact us. We are approved with some manufactures and insurance companies for repairs.

H&J Services Texas 'HUB'
H&J Services Texas ‘HUB’
H&J Services Texas certified HUB

Our Services

building maintenance, janitorial services, office cleaning, floor care, equine equipment